Coffee Table Sessions Episode 1: The 5 Questions for a Better Perspective

February 6, 2018 by Alton Webb

Welcome to the Coffee Table Sessions, where we walk through 5 questions that will help you gain a better perspective in 2018.

In this episode, I share how my New Year’s reflections brought me to realize I’d lost perspective in 2017. Why do we sometimes lose healthy perspective, and where do we even begin to rediscover it? We talk about all this and more in this week’s episode!

Episode Highlights:

0:40 – I reflect on losing my father one year ago

2:00 – How my end-of-the-year reflections led me to realize I’d lost perspective

3:30 – How thinking too much about ourselves endangers our perspective

4:58 – Why you should pursue good perspective before making goals for 2018

6:08 – Why asking good questions is the first step to gaining the right perspective

9:14 – How poor perspective produces useless goals

9:52 – The 5 questions that will help us all find a better perspective

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