Coffee Table Sessions Episode 3: What’s your end-game?

Welcome to Part Three of the Coffee Table Sessions! In this episode, we look to John 6-7 for the second question in our search for better perspective in 2018: What’s your end-game?

Here, we get to the heart of what matters most and explore how having Godly end-goals can empower us live with an eternal perspective now.

Episode Highlights:

0:24 – What Lee keeps posted in his office as a reminder of keeping good perspective

1:23 – Why Lee wants to hear from you

2:19 – How knowing your end game is key to setting your current goals

3:45 – What an eternal perspective looks like practically in the marketplace and in our finances

5:58 – Why Philip’s end game is not to give himself away to corporate America

6:52 – Do you have a wildly important goal?

7:26 – The one question Lee is asking himself about his end game



Book – The 4 Disciplines of Execution


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