Coffee Table Sessions Episode 6: Who gets the credit?

In this final episode of the Coffee House Sessions, we ask one last question to help us in our quest to develop a right perspective: Who gets the credit?


How do we deny our instincts to glorify ourselves and instead surrender that glory to God? Thank you for walking alongside us in re-centering our perspective around Christ for 2018. Join us as we Go Outside and apply what God has revealed to us through this series in our day-to-day lives.

Episode Highlights:

0:52 – No guts, no glory: do you have the guts to do something that doesn’t give yourself glory?

1:56 – Why we’re now free to serve

3:03 – Wrestling with how to give God glory in the workplace

4:34 – A few actions steps towards how we can surrender glory to God

5:43 – What seeking the right perspective is teaching Lee about being an Outsider and setting goals


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